Spray Tan

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning without an audience!

The DHA AutosprayThe DHA Autospray offers the ultimate in automated spray tanning.  Using exclusively patented MicroCore Technology the Autospray provides  the ultimate delivery system with an unbeatable application time of just 6 seconds for an intense and natural looking tan.

The MicroCore technology uses a patented electrostatic system to attract the atomised solution directly to your body, beautifully and evenly.

Multiple nozzles atomise for complete and even coverage with almost no overspray.

The open design of the unit enhances the quality of the session…. no claustrophobia, just the pleasure to wear a tan.

The DHA Autospray is easy to use and completely automatic: a voice guides you through the session from the choice of tanning level to the spray session, until the final drying session


The DHA allows you to select the tan shade you require and then talks you through the whole process.  We use only the manufacturers approved solutions to ensure the best quality tan possible. 

Spray Tanning Spray tanning without an audience

Under 16

If you are under 16 you can still use the DHA Autospray with the written permission of your parent of guardian (who must accompany you to the premises).

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